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Got to visit the second largest city in Portugal: Porto. This trip was done in January 2017, in lieu of visiting my best friend who came all the way to Spain for visiting her boyfriend's family. Also coz she wanted me to meet her bf. We stayed in this city for 4 nights, which is actually way too much I think hahha. But it was nice and relaxing of course, no hustle, no bustle, no trying to catch the next bus/train. :P

Saw the famous steep city landscape, beautiful blue mosaic tiles building, tons of churches ranging from the most beautifully breathtaking to creepy/scary one. Saw the cute bookshop, got to see the port city light in the evening which is so peacefully breathtaking. Eat a lot of pork bun! (soooo yummyyyy!! we queued for the second time trying to hide our embarrasment), try the chicken piri2, francescina, enjoy the local cafe, and definitely went inside a local supermarket.

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