It has been a year!

Update!! Tis’ the time to rise my blog from it’s winter hibernation :P. It’s been a year since I move to Germany, I’m trying to recap all the things I’ve learned so far, also basically trying to write my state of being hahha.

Between speaking english, learning Deutsch, speaking Indonesian (either with Makassar or Jakartan dialect), and sometimes some Chinese, my brain is exploding. I couldn’t help but feel that sometimes when speaking English my tongue felt weird (especially when tired), and therefore resulting in me speaking in weird accent.

Status of my language:
(based on what people say to me + personal analysis)

Speaking: Apparently I had little german accent, American (some said southern accent, some said Californian accent), Asian (don’t know what, but some had said Singaporean, definitely no Indonesian accent), + some words I’d like to pronounce in I don’t know what accent.
Writing: academic writing skill: increasing I’d say? :s definitely can finish 80% of my…


Another place in North Rhine Westphalia, Monschau is a tiny village with old houses. Located near Aachen, I took the train from my place to Aachen and then bus to this place. Pretty long commute, but as soon as I reached this place, it is sooo pretty, that make the journey completely worth it! 

One of the famous spot in Monschau is this rottes haus (red house), was built by a rich royalty sort of.

The village is pretty much walkable. Although the size is not that huge, the stony road and slight incline road will make a pretty good challenge for a work out. :P Also, as you go along, you'll find river/canal underneath the houses.

They have this 'train' that you can jump in to see the village. At the time I was there, I think there were study tour, hence I saw plenty of children/students.

You can find nice 'high' spots to take pretty interesting photos. :)

The detail of the houses makes up pretty interesting pics.


Since currently, I'm officially in my semester break and doing nothing. I decided to make use my semester ticket by visiting cities in North Rhine Westfalia. One of the city I was really excited to see is Münster which apparently is the bicycle city of Germany. Felt like going to Amsterdam, with all the bicycle park, but this one is less populated. Enjoy pics of the city! :)