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Vatican City: A nation in A City

Have you ever been into a country inside a city (which is a separate country)? To me that's Vatican :P. The next day, we woke up rather late-ish.. trying to enjoy our day. Why? because most of the people in the internet says that to enter the Vatican, just do it in the afternoon, by that time, the line to enter is shorter and faster. So we did! We went to a cafe in the city taking a bus which needed to be changed into another bus - which we end up just walking since we don't want to be flat bread in a full bus. I think we should have known the bus in Italy at this point is just something else and accept our fate. We enjoy our brunch in a cute cafe, with despite quite pricy breakfast for the portion given, the coffee was actually cheap.. like.. 1 euro cheap.. hahha.. Me being the non-coffee drinker ordered tea of course :). We enjoyed the morning chit-chat and relaxing after days of intense walking, while admiring the cute cafe with cute biracial (we think he's biracial) w…
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Rome: City of Ancient Ruins!

The last day of our trip in Prague, we just spent breakfast at the lovely IF cafe (ordering another cake of course!). We then embark our journey to Italy by taking the uber to the Prague airport, took on Ryan Air which this time they checked the size of our carry on! I must say, after living and traveling in Europe for the past 2.5 years, taking Ryan air, this has never happened to me until now! While my carry on was safe (I need to take out some stuff from the luggage so that it won't have a 'belly' and therefore passed the 'standard'), my friend was unlucky. Her luggage although having much less width, it was thicker, and that required her to pay extra 55 euro! See, for you Indonesians, Ryan Air is kinda the Lion Air of Indonesia in Europe... except... it's worse! Take it from someone (ME) who travels a lot with budget airlines (both in Indonesia and in Europe - I don't know whether I should be proud of this or sad.. hahahahha) and I guess my friend now …