Croatia - Zadar - when the sea makes music (literally!)

In early spring 2023, I've been feeling rather moody lately, and quite frustrated that traveling seems to be very expensive! And then it hit me, I used to travel more with less money, how...? So I stopped whining, and check some cheap flight to some random destination that I haven't been to. Hold and behold, Zadar (Croatia) presented itself! I booked a return flight immediately and then determined what I can do while I'm there. 

The trip was a 3 days 2 nights trip. Since it's a small city, I know for sure that I can finish walking around it in a day! (at least the city center hahha). So I searched for other options of where to go. I saw that there's a UNESCO national park nearby and put that into my 2nd day itinerary. With that in mind, off I go to Croatia in May! 

Since the country is officially part of EU starting on January 1st, 2023, Croatia has adopted Euro as its currency, good for me then, no need to change currency! I arrive at Zadar Airport, took the bus public transport to the city center -> about 20-30 min ride. Then after finding my accomodation, drop my backpack, start going around the city! 

First stop was food! I have been curious about octopus salad, so after finding a place I found of google maps, ordered them and ate there. It was very fresh, but too plain for my Indonesian palate I must say. After that, I gotta say, I'm still hungry! So I went to find gelato, and ordered pistachio flavoured + dark chocolate = The best ice cream I've had in my LIFE!!! Still after that, me still hungry, so after searching for some pizza slices place, I found one that sell by the slice. Hugeee slice, but good for me. On my way to find and eat the pizza, I passed a place fullll of teenagers in fancy attire partying, turns out... it's a prom! Hahha, interesting to see. 

Afterwards, I walked around to the north part of the old town, tried to find the place where they have the Sea organ. Once found, I just sat and enjoying the sound, it felt very soothing and therapeutic. I'm loving this place. 

I walked around a bit more before went back to my room, at this point I'm having a bit of headache, not sure why. So after buying some meds from DM (the German drugstore is apparently pretty big in Croatia) which unlike in Germany actually sell some meds, not just supplements. Here I experience that despite being not so rich of a country, things are more expensive in Croatia than in west Germany, I wonder why. 

First night I must say, I couldn't sleep at all. I don't like using the AC since it's not that hot anyway, but if I open the window, mosquitos are coming in.. argh... I am restless for the whole night T__T. 

Second day, early in the morning I walked out to the meeting point of a tour for Plitvice. The ignorant me, I postponed booking the national park ticket till a night before and found that most tickets for a specific timetable has sold out --' (yeahhh), so instead I book a tour (waaayy more expensive) but at least I don't have to worry about the transport of coming and going anymore. So money for free hassle hahha. You can read more on my trip to Plitvice here

In the afternoon, after I came back from the park, I had to do some client work first LOL. So I came back to my room, showered fully, and then do some client work. It is a workcation anyway. Afterwards, feeling rather hungry, I went out to search for dinner. Went to eat some pasta, and while it taste good, it was too bland for my palate (again...) hahha, then ate ice cream from a different place. It was superbly expensive, and the ice cream on the previous day was more worth it. Then I walked around more, to shake down the dinner calories. Came back to my accom and finally get to sleep nicer.

Last day. I woke up, checked out from my accom, and this time, I went to a 'Tavern' looking place for food. The reviews on google of this place was really splendid, cheap, and that it serves different food each day depending on what he found at the market. So with that, it has piqued my curiosity. When I got there, the food of the day is Cod fish with potatoes salad - Dalmatian style. I ordered that, and after some bread and olive oil, hellooooo proper fulfilling food!!!! It is THE BEST food in Zadar for me. The food was not only really good, but also CHEAP. It was 7 euro, I round it up to 10 euros for the tips. It deserved that much praise. (at least from me). 

At the time, I'm reading a book about creative writing. In it, the author said to practice writing, write everything you see, you experience, whenever, wherever. With that in mind... Well... I am traveling and... I wrote a recipe?  I think the food was so inspirational for me, I immediately took a mental note to recreate the dish: 

Fish potatoes ala Zadar Konoba Tovar

- Tons of garlic (It definitely has tons of them) 

- salt 

- pepper

- fishhhh (cook separately first) saute aja, tp dioseng2 so ga sah peduli bentuknya hahaha (note: the guy use cod fish, but i think any white fish can do, or salmon jg kayakny can do)

- potatoes (also cook separately, either that chop into very little cube piecess trus masak add to the fish that way bs soft together with the fish?)

- parsleyyyyy (chopped), but then kalo pake salmon perhaps dill can be considered.. orrr... 

- Kaffir lime leavesss (and some lime/lemon) added into the mix but that extra accidic/fresh take (ini personal tambahan ala Nike)

- Lemon (to make it freshhhh) 

After that, I searched for a cafe with cake and internet, for I need to sit and work LOL. Found one, the pistachio cake was okay. I think in this region, all pistachio flavoured dish are really good! Everybody can also speak english rather fluently. 

Later on, I went back to the airport, back to Düsseldorf. The airport was small, mostly budget airlines flies in and out. 

The Infamous Octopus Salad

Best Ice cream in my life!! 

Also a very large slice of Pizza

Yeah, both food are okay... pasta too plain, ice cream too expensive

Fish Potato Salad - Dalmatian Style

Sweet, decent pistachio cake

Listen to that sound....