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Traveling during the year where a pandemic was happening is indeed a 'unique' experience. I think last time I was even remotely near doing solo traveling was in Singapore -> June 2019! And that alone wasn't really solo, I was just apart from my friend and cousin for approximately 6 hours before meeting them again hahha! 

Even though I have lived in Europe for more than 4 years now, I haven't really visited Belgium. Mostly was only 'passing through' it as I was going to France. So this time, due to the pandemic, I didn't dare to travel to far, hence... Belgium it is. I decided to visit Brugge (Dutch name) or Bruges (French name), stayed there for a night. When I was researching which city to visit in Belgium, it seems that all research pointed me to this town. Some friends of mine has already told me to just skip Brussels completely. Therefore on the 29th of July, in the morning I took Flixbus to Antwerp and from there, took the train directly to Brugge. 

Due to COVID19's number rising in Belgium, everyone must wear mask all time. Coming from Germany, whose regulation was looser, this was definitely a bit uncomfortable. But oh well, seeing that people are less cautious than in Germany, I gladly put on my mask! 

Brugge is definitely very cute and dreamy! I can see why people are attracted to this city. For an 'old town', the town is definitely pretty big if I have to compare it to other old town in Europe so far. I feel like I can keep on walking and walking, and the city is not ending yet! I had a bit of Amsterdam feeling, but more modest and quiet. And of course, while traveling, I just had to let my inner-hipster out and find a cute cafe and enjoy some cake. + when in Belgium, gotta eat like the locals no? hello to waffle and fries! 


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